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Round 2-Copper K Fiber Fest 2018

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

So, my friend Kami Noyes of Ranching Tradition Fiber, and I, drank the cool-aide. For all the stress and sweat of hosting our first fiber festival, we decided to do it again.

Now, most fiber festivals have committees of multiple people and we can discuss the pros and cons of that, but for Kami and I, it is just us two. Kami's sister who is the owner of the family lambing barn, now made over into an event venue, is making us look good! The barn's yard is so lush and green, I walk around all weekend in my bare feet. Don't would too!

Plus, this was the year that the barn put in two private, outdoor showers for the growing number of campers and tenters that we have attracted to the festival. I love these showers!

Here is a small tribute to the events of the 2018 festival...

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