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My Holiday Weaver

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Kobin learning to weave with Beverly

As I find myself in the middle of the Holiday season, I sit here overwhelmed with all the things that should be vs what needs to be done. Is there anything I can finish making for one last show? Worse yet, do I have enough for one last show? Will the booth still look presentable? I should go buy little Christmas lights (white of course) to draw attention and maybe something festive and red. OH, Joann's coupons, maybe I should run into town, etc, etc.....

Life gets a little hectic and sometimes I forget to breathe. Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and Michael and I had both families up for dinner. It was a full house and as a reward, we had a sleep over guest. What, you don't think that was a reward? Our 4 year old nephew, Kobin loves to stay the night and of course, we have to do chores multiple times during his stay.

My mom Beverly, finally was able to show Kobin weaving as he is always going up into the loft and looking at the loom. We have a 1920's Union Loom that she makes all of our rugs on. (More about the loom and mom's rugs coming later to a blog close to you.) I can't remember how long they were up there, but it was awhile. At least a whole Lady and the Tramp movie run. No child labor laws were broken, I promise.

I guess that is what I enjoy about having these sleep overs. Kobin would rather be outside with the animals, "working" or sitting with us, absorbing the many fiber art techniques that we use to make products here on our little alpaca farm.

Now that I had my moment to breathe and remember that life is only hectic if I make it so, I can move on and tackle laundry! Then maybe make more dryer balls. SMILE.

Time for breakfast

Kobin even feeds the stove!

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