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Taking A Road Less Travelled

So.....I've had this idea for a little bit now. I'm sure it's a crazy idea for some, not so much for others. I want to be a vendor at a Renaissance Faire. Just one a year, not a full time gig. There, I said it out loud. Insert cricket chirping here......

So how did I come to this point you ask? Well, it has evolved out of my desire to educate the public on the proper products for the proper alpaca fiber quality. If you know me, or have read it here before, I've said many times, not all alpaca fiber is equal. As our animals age, the quality of their fleece changes. Usually it gets courser and potentially shorter. This aspect doesn't allow me to keep using that fleece for a nice, soft, close to the skin hand spun yarn. It's still a great, profitable fiber, but besides dryer balls, insoles and rug yarn, what else could this quality of alpaca fiber be used for? Felted garments in the form of hats, aprons and wrist warmers (to start with). And what better audience would appreciate these products then those at a Renaissance Faire.

And here is where another door opens. Not a rusted, squeaky door, but a new, correctly hang door (yes I was channeling Tolkien on that last sentence, extra points for you). Well, my wet felting technique might be a little rusty, but that is beside the point.

laying out fiber design on my resist

fulling stage-original size of resist beneath

Of course, I am dragging my husband and his pottery onto this crazy train. But he isn't kicking and screaming, instead, his light bulb of creativity came on too. Now, where to begin: go small or go big? Do we stay in state or venture away from home? Do a one weekend show or a multiple weekend one? Spring, summer or fall time?

Looking at applications, of course all require photos. Like other shows that you are juried into, I expected that and I have a nice collection, ready at a key stroke. Except, for this audience. My "farmer's market" white tent and set up hasn't had a make over yet to look like a medieval/renaissance era merchant shop. Mike and I don't have character outfits and our products are still being made and fine tuned.

When I am given a challenge, self imposed or otherwise, I obsess! I have researched books and scoured the internet for inspiration until I am crossed eyed. Now, I feel we have a good handle on it to confidently start. Our tent and set up will be slightly more than just a basic reno, but not FULL on new tent. We have a good idea of our characters, so therefore our outfits will reflect that, as well as our remodeled tent accents and color. Plus, we came up with a name for our combined ren faire styled "Shop"...Ye old Crockery and Tangled Fiber.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get enough accomplished for photos before the closing date of these applications for 2023. I know it is a little crazy going down a road that is less travelled by many potters and fiber artists. But for Mike and I, these have made some of the the best adventures.

See you down the road.....

UPDATE....Mike and I will be vending at the Montana Renaissance Festival in Red Lodge Montana on the weekend of June 3rd -4th, 2023.

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