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This is a 29in x 58in rug (2'4" x 4'8"), woven on a 1920's Union Loom.  We use good quality cotton/poly warp and the alpaca is core spun over a cotton core.  This yarn came from a mill that made a small diameter rug yarn, so it is lighter in feel than some of our other rugs.  The technique and tabby weave that we use for our rugs, is the same inspite of the yarn differnce.


This rug is made up of various shades of fawn,  brown, rose grey, medium grey and bay black.


These rugs are not designed for high traffic areas such as a front door, but rather are more enjoyable next to the bed or your favorite chair.  They also make excellent area hangings.

29"x58" Alpaca Rug

  • These rugs are not designed for a vacuum cleaner in order to clean it.  When it becomes soiled, soak in tub with cool water, fine fabric detergent. Roll rug up to squeeze out water, then place between two towels and roll again to absorb excess water. Lay out to air dry.

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