This is my yarn collection of commerical spun 100%  alpaca yarn in which I have dyed in solid colors.  Each skein could have slight variations of color due to the nature of the dye pot configuration and fiber exposure to the dyes.


"Tahitian Waters" is a memory of the waters surrounding our honeymoon bungalow in Tahiti. This yarn has slight turquoise shade changes throughout this white based yarn. Very similar to the sun glinting off the daily movements of the clear waters of this beautiful island.


All of these yarns are 220 yards skeins,  sport weight.

"Tahitian Waters" Hand dyed 100% Alpaca-commerical spun yarn

  • Please wash in cold water with Wool lite or Dawn soap, roll up in a towel to gently press water out and then air dry. Like all animal fibers, felting and shrinking can occur if handled any other way.